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What is the Artist Pass?

The Artist Pass is a Content Management NFT allowing holders to Add, Remove and Edit Artist Profiles in the Rhythm Music app, which includes adding artist albums and information for an artist (Artist BIO, Genres, Social Media, Profile Images, Album Art, and more).

Rhythm Home is our version of YouTube’s Search, and as time goes on, our content library will increase, creating a more effortless onboard experience for new community members.

The Artist Pass is a revolutionary new feature for the music industry, designed to accelerate the process of adding content to Rhythm Home and reward those who contribute content to Rhythm Home.

As we work towards creating a fully community-driven ecosystem, we are developing tools that not only enhance the user experience of Rhythm Music but also recognize and compensate the community members who curate and manage the content that is streamed and consumed by the rest of the community.

Five ways to earn from your Artist Pass

How much can I earn as a Content Manager?

Those numbers are basic run-downs of how much an Artist Pass action will pay out and are subject to increase as our community and funding grows.

As a Content Manager, there is no limitation to the amount of data you can submit to Rhythm Home.

Just some bonuses for holding an Artist Pass

Long-Term Benefits of being a Rhythm Content Manager

Our ultimate objective with the Artist Pass is to empower artists and their labels to acquire passes from members of the Rhythm community, giving them the ability to efficiently manage their contracted artists on the Rhythm platform.

Music Labels will have the ability to acquire 10 Artist Passes, exchanging them for a single Platinum Artist Pass, which will allow them to make content changes to their selection of Artists without the approval of a Rhythm Moderator.

Artists can acquire and request to upgrade their Artist Pass to an Emerald Artist Pass, locking their new Emerald Artist Pass to their Artist Profile and burning their original Artist Pass.

Can a Content Manager abuse the backend tools?

For every positive action taken towards the Rhythm ecosystem, the Artist Pass reputation points are increased. Points are only decreased for negative actions taken towards the ecosystem. (Point Increase / Decrease spreadsheet will be released in the coming weeks)

Content Manager Events

To kickstart the Artist Pass Content Management system, we are focusing on Popular Artists who still need to be added to the Rhythm Home. In the near future, we will host events focused on finding both popular artists and up-and-coming artists in the industry.

We will pay out bonuses for members who participate in Content Management events.

Artist Pass DAO

Initially, a small team of Rhythm Moderators will handle the approval and rejection of Artist Pass requests. However, we are in the process of developing a voting system where Artist Pass holders can vote on requests made by their peers, with the most highly voted requests being prioritized for review.

And yes, you will earn reputation points for upvoting and downvoting.

Can a Content Manager abuse the backend tools?

For every positive action taken towards the Rhythm ecosystem, the Artist Pass reputation points are increased. Points are only decreased for negative actions taken towards the ecosystem.

How are Reputation Points distributed?

When an action involving an Artist Pass is accepted by a Rhythm Moderator, your reputation points will increase by +1. Conversely, if the action is denied, your reputation points will decrease by -1, along with a note explaining the decision.

To efficiently increase your Artist Pass reputation points, it is recommended to consistently provide new and high-quality content to the Rhythm Home.

What happens if my reputation points reach 0?

Artist Pass requests are prioritized based on the reputation points of the pass, with those having higher reputation being given priority, resulting in a higher $RHYTHM reward yield.

How many Artist Passes can be minted?

There are a total of 1500 artist passes available on mint.

For every 100,000 Rhythm Music accounts, 1500 artist passes will be available to mint by the community. Keeping a 1.5% ratio of Artist Passes to Rhythm Music accounts will keep the price value of an Artist Pass verse joining the Rhythm Gold Tier almost the same, with perks for both holding an Artist Pass and 5 million $RHYTHM tokens.

How do I acquire an Artist Pass?

In order to prevent a single user from minting all of the available Artist Passes, we have established a minting cost of 0.1 ETH per pass and a maximum limit of 3 passes per wallet.

Half of the minting revenue will be directed toward purchasing and reducing the supply of $RHYTHM tokens, while the other half will be allocated toward marketing the ecosystem.

Free Artist Pass?

During our promotion round, we are offering both paid and complimentary whitelist spots.

We have 150 Free Mint Whitelist spots available. Find out more information on how to claim a free Artist Pass here

Do we have a mint date set?

We are aiming for the Artist Pass release this quarter (The exact date is currently undecided). Artist Pass Teasers and video demonstrations will be posted on our YouTube and Twitter in the coming weeks.

How many Artist Passes will the Rhythm Team own?

All team members will have to purchase their Artist Pass.

The company will free mint and hold 100 Artist Passes, which will be used for giveaways and marketing.

What’s Next

In the next few weeks, we will release a demonstration video showcasing the process of verifying you own an Artist Pass, using the Artist Pass in-app, and claiming Artist Pass rewards.

Teaser Images for the Artist Pass is coming soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Artist Pass! We’re looking forward to innovating the music industry with the Artist Pass!