The Bridge Between Music & The Metaverse

Rhythm plans to revolutionize music monetization by creating a tokenized music ecosystem.

Rhythm is now live on Windows & macOS in Beta Testing!

Our Mission

Build the next generation of music streaming tools for consumers and artists with a bridge between the music industry and crypto.

Pave the future of both the crypto & music industry with an ecosystem that boasts of a new and improved solution for paying artists and products that will innovate both industries.

Our Product(s)

Rhythm Music Logo

Rhythm Music

Live Beta

Rhythm is a desktop music streaming platform powered by YouTube, that was released in Beta Testing on September 28th, 2021.

$RHYTHM will be integrated into Rhythm as the platform's currency, powering our premium service, NFT albums, singles, playlists, and pins, and will offer wallet perks such as free premium to Gold Tier wallet holders.

Learn more about Rhythm through our Whitepaper.

RarityCheck Logo

Coming Soon is a tool dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity launching Q4, 2021 under the Rhythm Ecosystem.

NFT projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Ape Gang, and Mekaverse will be trackable projects on launch day.

NFT project owners can create a profile for their collection where they can post updates to users who follow their collection. We will have a wide range of advertising options and launchpads for new collections.


Underground Bat Society

Coming Soon

Underground Bat Society is the first NFT collection under the Rhythm ecosystem, currently in development.

Rhythm Music users will be able to use their Bats as a verified NFT profile picture, which will display with the OpenSea url.

The Underground Bat Society collection rarity list will also be viewable on

Casino Logo

Rhythm Casino

Coming 2022

The Rhythm Casino is a project that will be released in 2022. We are in the planning stages for this project and more details will be announced early 2022.

Accepted currencies will include $RHYTHM and other partnered project currencies.

20 Billion Supply

5% Liquidity Fee

3% Reflection Fee

2% Artist Fee

Our Team

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Ryan Davern
CEO & Developer

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Olli Waters
Head of Creative

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Max Waters
Head of Marketing

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Artist Partner

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Partner Manager

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Dubitat Ebrius

Our Partners

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Project Partner

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Project Partner

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Project Partner

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Project Partner

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Project Partner

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Project Partner

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Check out our roadmap and see what we have planned for 2021 and onward.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team behind Rhythm were all born and currently reside in New Zealand. BeatPlaylist LTD is a legally registered New Zealand company. We incorporated during 2017 and our company registration details can be found here

We used the Safemoon contract as a base and went through Safemoon's CERTIK audit and fixed issues/bugs found during the audit. We included our own custom functions, such as the artist tax, and thoroughly tested our contract on the Testnet before launch.

We also have an audit from TechRate that can be viewed here

BeatPlaylist LTD (Ryan Davern) holds ownership of the Rhythm smart contract and we will not be renouncing ownership. Renouncing contract ownership limits our ability to implement necessary changes and upgrades without an entire contract migration. Many projects never recovered after PancakeSwap V1 was no longer supported.

This is only one example of many things we anticipate needing to adapt to as the space continues to change.

In regards to owner control, we are a legally registered New Zealand LTD company governed by a central board which is subject to governmental regulations and law. Our team members are publicly shown on the front page of our website and our business information is displayed on the company office website.

I have provided all of my information including personal and business information to give investors surety and confidence that a rug-pull is not possible for this project.

Additionally, you can view that the company was registered in 2017, proving that we have been working on Rhythm (formerly known as BeatPlaylist) for over four years. This token is not a rug-pull, this is an attempt to innovate both the crypto and music industry, and I am grateful that I can work on a project that will innovate both industries.

You can view the Rhythm Official wallet addresses and how we are spending the Artist Wallet funds here.

YES! 25% of ALL Fiat paid premium subscriptions will be invested into the Rhythm Liquidity Pool every month.

This means that ALL of our premium subscribers, including both holders and non-holders of Rhythm, will be investing in the Rhythm ecosystem.

Yes! Think of Rhythm as an upgraded / styled Google Chrome browser. It's as simple as that. We turn a Chrome Browser, into a full music streaming platform.