View our company, BeatPlaylist LTD incorporation details here

View our Developer, Marketing and Artist Wallet Spending

This page will be updated when we make any transfers from the Artist Wallet, Fiat/Exchange Liquidity Wallet, Lock Liquidity, Migrate Liquidity to PancakeSwap V3, ETC.

We do not include small daily expenses on this chart. However, our current only daily expense is giveaway funding for our shilling group of 0.3 BNB per day.

Certain partnerships / expenses will not be included in this list if it breaches a contract.

If an upcoming expense for either a listing fee or a marketing campaign costs over $20,000 USD, we will plan ahead and withdraw a percentage of the total expense cost from the liquidity pool each day up to the date of the payment so we don't do a massive withdrawal all at once. We convert BNB into USDT to hold the value in the case BNB drops after a withdrawal.